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JATCO Technical Review

This collection of technical papers is intended to help readers understand JATCO‘s technologies.

JATCO Technical Review No.20(7.8 MB)

Technical Reports

Special Feature: Development of a New 9-speed Automatic Transmission

Development of a CVT without an electric oil pump to achive a start-stop system achived before the vehicles stops [P91-96](1.4 MB) From macro to micro thermal performance design ̶Estimation of lubricant temperature inside a CVT [P97-100](943 kB) Forming technology for integrated forging of parking gear with bottomless teeth and fixed pulley half [P101-105](1.2 MB) Technological development for improving the cylindricity of the reaming process for CVT control valve spool holes [P107-111](1.3 MB) Practical application of an outdoor AGV system [P113-116](834 kB) Improvement of product quality by introducing the Quality Design Sheet [P117-122](795 kB) Accelerated product quality verification through real-world high-mileage driving in a short period of time [P123-126](889 kB)

※The JATCO Technical Review was published as a physical journal up to issue No.19, but as of issue No.20, is being published digitally.

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